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Feeling Unwell? Tried Conventional Methods? Looking for an Alternative?

Welcome to my website.

I’m trusting that you are visiting it because you want to know more about homeopathy and how it might benefit you, your family or friends. I am Susan Terry a qualified homeopath practicing in West Yorkshire and Cornwall, who graduated from the Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine in 2006, after 4 yrs study and clinical training. I am passionate about the empowering nature of homeopathy. I enjoy working with everyone but have a particular interest in working with children with challenging behaviour (e.g ADHD, ASD ). To this end I have completed the training to become a qualified Cease therapist, a protocol, which is proving effective in helping children with ASD

Like many homeopaths my interest derived from personal experience of homeopathy. I have two daughters who as young children both had warts on their hands. They were each given different remedies but with the same result ; the warts disappeared, never to reappear.

Susan Terry BSc Registered Homeopath and Cease Therapist

Conventional medicine has made enormous progress in improving health but so has improved hygiene and diet. Sadly with the growth of conventional medicine and its reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, we have been disempowered and lost much of the wisdom and folk knowledge which allowed us to deal effectively with a lot of ill health. Those things fondly but rather disparagingly referred to as ‘old wives tales‘, are often well worth considering and are a lot less harmful to our general well being. I'm passionate about making people aware of the empowering nature of homeopathy, allowing them to recapture that ability to treat many of the minor acute and first aid incidents that arise in most families.

Are you looking for?

  • Space and time to talk about your health concerns
  • A different way of looking at health and illness
  • A safe, gentle and effective method of healing for all the family.
  • A method of healing which considers symptoms a reflection of your uniqueness and individuality rather than needing to fit a diagnostic label.
  • How often have you ‘felt out of sorts’ or sought the advice of a doctor and found that because you own unique set of symptoms do not fit into a ‘diagnostic’ box, the doctor explains that he is not able to help you or you are left feeling that ’it is all in your head’
  • Involvement in your own healing
  • Advice on how you can influence your health and well being by small changes to your lifestyle.

Then Homeopathy may be for you.

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